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There are vacation destinations. Then there are places like Custer, South Dakota. When you’re looking for mega monuments, this is the place to be. When you’re looking for natural beauty, look no further. When you want dining, family attractions and a mother lode of hidden gems, this a great place for that, too.

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Mountain Road

N° 1

iron mountain

How much can you experience in 17 miles? An awful lot, if you’re cruising Iron Mountain Road. This stretch of Black Hills blacktop features 314 curves, three pig tail loops, three tunnels and four granite presidents, visible through the famous tunnel view overlook.

Custer State Park

N° 2

Custer State Park

It takes about a week to experience (close to) everything this natural gem offers. But even if you’ve only got an afternoon, you can accomplish a lot at Sylvan Lake and Wildlife Loop Road. The first has served as a Nicholas Cage movie set, the latter as one of America’s greatest bison-viewing destinations.

Jewel Cave National Monument

N° 3

Jewel Cave National Monument

With more than 200 miles of mapped passageways, Jewel Cave National Monument is one of the longest-known caves in the world. Take a ranger-led excursion and you’ll see the wild rock formations that make Jewel Cave a truly stunning national park site.

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Mount Rushmore

N° 4

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Dynamite and jack hammers aren’t the tools of choice for many artists, except for the 400 men and women who carved the presidents faces from stone. Meet George, Tom, Teddy, and Abe on a tour of this national treasure.

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Downtown Custer dining

N° 5

Downtown Custer

Burgers, craft brews, fish, chips, and more: downtown Custer’s dining is for travelers with impeccable taste. Learn about everything from vegan eats at Sage Creek Grille to local-grown bison patties at Black Hills Burger & Bun.

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